Vultures Row: Right v Wrong; aka Its Not Rocket Science

Right v Wrong; aka Its Not Rocket Science

When the US takes someone prisoner:

Food prepared with respect to religious beliefs, religious accouterments provided, cots, blankets, access to medical and dental.

When Terrorists take prisoners:
Brutal beheadings.

Draw your own conclusions. We are guessing that they will be:

The Left:
Well, Bush and his illegal war forced them to do it, it’s Bush’s fault that these two soldiers died.

The Right:
How dare they! Lets bomb them all back into the Stone Age!

Cindy Sheehan:

Hillary John Clinton Kerry:
We need to reinforce the troops with the best equipment and as much money as we can, so they can make an orderly withdrawal.

Michael Savage:
ME, ME, Hate, Vitriol, ME

Daily KOS:
It’s a conspiracy!

Sean Hannity:


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