Vultures Row: Screech is A Bum

Screech is A Bum

Personal Responsibility
So it has come to this, how pathetic is it that Dustin “Screech” Diamond is forced to beg for money, via t-shirt sales to save his house. The one time former Saved by the Bell co-star is facing the loss of his house.

After the show ended I decided to leave Sunny Cailfornia [sic] for the midwest. My shitty credit meant that getting a loan for a house would be tough. I began looking and finally purchsed [sic] one on a land contract.
According to Real Estate ABCs, Land contracts vary widely from transaction to transaction.
In most cases, no grant deed is recorded. The buyer rarely obtains a new mortgage loan at the time of purchase. Instead, the new owner makes payments to an intermediary, who then makes payments on the seller’s mortgage, which is still in place. …Within a certain number of years, it is expected the buyer will be able to qualify for a loan.[emphasis added] At that time, they will obtain a new mortgage and pay off whatever amount the land contract requires.

So Screech pissed away the money he received for his nine million year run on saved by the bell and his appearance on Celebrity Boxing. He earned his bad credit the same way most of us have, over extending, bad investments and simply no planning. Now he wishes us to believe that all of a sudden he is required to pay the loan off and doesn’t have time to get a real mortgage, yet at the same time we are to believe that the value of the land went up overnight.

Diamond needs to grow up and face up to his personal responsibility. He needs stop pretending he is a comic and riding on the coat tails of a show that ended years ago and get a job and work to rebuild his credit like the rest of have had to do. While we admire his ingenuity, he should not rely on others to solve his problems.


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