Vultures Row: When does dissent become wrong?

When does dissent become wrong?

An opposition party in any organization can be a good thing when the opposition is done for valid reasons.  A valid reason would be if the group thought the actions of the majority party were in direct conflict with the organization as a whole.  A horrible reason for an opposition party to exist is to oppose.  

And this is where America stands right now.  We have two parties that are more or less the only games in town.  One thinks that the best course of action is to directly confront those that wish to do our organization (America) harm and the other believes that this would only further put the nation at risk from those that would do harm to us.

More and more it seems that the democrat’s only position is that of opposition for opposition’s sake.   Every stance they take is one to be against whatever the administration is for with no real regard to the policy or the position that it puts them in.

The left, having embraced the far left wing, hate filled element has found themselves having to call for the defeat of America.  The left’s desire, motivated largely by opposition for opposition’s sake, is for America to cut and run, to leave without victory which means defeat for America.  That phrase has been bandied about with abandon lately so we really should look at another way of saying it:  Victory for our enemies.  

The Left, out of desire to regain power at any cost, has gotten in bed with the angry far left and now elected officials are openly calling for the Defeat of America and the victory for terrorists. Is this opposition that is healthy for the country?  Is this in the best interest of America?  

In the short run, maybe.  If we cut and run, no more soldiers will die in Iraq, no more contractors will be killed.  So you could say that is in our best interest.  IN the long run, however, it is likely that the new government will collapse.  Terrorists will force their way into power and slaughter anyone who helped the coalition.  They will use the resources of Iraq to fund their terror programs and will most likely come after us with even more hate and disdain, because in their eyes we will be cowards.  They do not see negotiations as enlightened, the do not see efforts at peace as noble, they understand power and conquering.   If we run, they will only hunt us down to kill us.  Their goal is not to “Stop the killing machine” they could do that at anytime, just by NOT KILLING.  Their goal is to kill as many people that do not bend over and bow to them as possible and that in the long run, is not good for America.

Dissent is acceptable, but when the party descents only to argue, are they being helpful to the over all survival of the organization?

So again, we ask when does dissent become wrong?


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