Vultures Row: China Increases Influence in Central/South America

China Increases Influence in Central/South America

What is a banana republic leader to do?  A nifty 2002 United States law that blocks U.S. military financing and training to nations that have not agreed to bar the extradition of U.S. citizens to the International Criminal Court ended military aid to 11 nations in Central and South America, including Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia.  

The net effect is that instead of teaching the young officers and NCO’s here in the US at the school of the Americas and instilling such values as loyalty, courage, and moral conviction these young men are now being taught with a communist leaning by the most successful communist nation in the world.  

“Chinese military inroads are accompanying greater economic involvement. Last year, Chinese President Hu Jintao visited the region and economic agreements worth hundreds of millions of dollars for mineral and energy resources followed.
    Less is known about arms sales, however, China recently offered to sell new shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles to the leftist government in Bolivia. The Chinese have supplied military equipment to Cuba and are cooperating with Brazil on a joint satellite project thought to have military applications.
    China has also offered to sell its new FC-1 jet fighter to Venezuela, after last year's sale of three JYL-1 mobile air-defense radar units.”

Wow, call us paranoid, but we just feel that this is a bad Idea.  China has been trying to expand influence in this region.  This could have two benefits for the CHICOMS.  

  1. While we are busty dealing with piss-ants like Hugo Chavez, China has more ability to further their goals.

  2. China as a “local” base of operations.  Mind you, is still a long distance to the US but it’s a lot closer than the other side of the Pacific

We are still convinced that there is a coming conflict either directly or indirect with China, and this only furthers their position.  

But hey, we have more important things to worry about, like defeating that election stealing, WMD lying, Illegal Spying Bushie in 2008.


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