Vultures Row: Bush Fights Back

Bush Fights Back

For the first time in more than two years, President Bush called on the Press Corps’ crazy old aunt in the attic, Helen Thomas.  President Bush called on her and right away, Thomas came out combative.  She informed the president that he would regret calling on her.  She proceeded to make statements and to criticize him.  Thomas spoke 136 words in eleven sentences and asked only one question and that was only to support her previous statements.  To say Thomas specifically and the press corps in general has no agenda is denying the truth.

One need to look no further for proof than Thomas’ statement concerning President Bush’s comment about Iraq providing safe haven to terrorists

“They didn't do anything to you, or to our country”

This simple statement is a good clear insight into the mind of the left.

“They didn't do anything…to our country”

This is what the left thinks of terrorists and those who would give them aid and sponsorship.  They believe that if we leave them alone they will leave us alone.  All we have to do in the left’s mind is to withdrawal from Iraq and pull our support from Israel and let the chips fall where they may and the radical Islamic extremists would be happy and would be too busy to attack us.

The left accuse the right of being too simplistic in thought because we have moral conviction and the resolve to do the right things, even if it hurts, while they accept at face value with no analysis, the word of terrorists and murders?  Why would they do this? It is because they see US failure in the war as a means to gaining back power. Once they have power, they can institute their “we-know-better-than-you” socialist dependence on the government policies.  

The left is a pimp trying to make the American public its crack whore.

We are proud of President Bush for standing up to Thomas and not taking her statement laden “questions” to get a 2 second sound bite.

We beg you President Bush, please do it more often. The people love you when you stand up and fight, not when you appease.  


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