Vultures Row: Law Buffet or Lets Break Laws We Don’t Like

Law Buffet or Lets Break Laws We Don’t Like

I do not like to drive slow, so I speed. I break the law.
Sam hates paying taxes so he doesn’t report all his income, breaking the law.
Jose wants to work in America, but can’t go and get a visa so he sneaks into the country, breaking the law.
Edgar hates his wife Harriet so he kills her, breaking the law
Chris loves to drink he hops in his car while drunk, breaking the law.

But in the America of today, law seems to be irrelevant, unless you’re an evil drug company other corporation that can be sued.   It seems that laws are only to be obeyed if you feel like it.  Corporate responsibility is all that matters, the individual should not be held to the same level of accountability.

Immigration should be reformed.  
Before I get called a bigot, please read on:

  • Reform the imagration process, make it eaiser and quicker for people to be come citizens

  • Issue work visas for people who want to work.

  • This make it easy to track the people, screen them and allow them work

  • They will pay into SSI

  • Build the walls, but punish the people that hire the illegals.

  • deport anyone breaking immigration law.

There is no reason for our government to not do something about this problem.  We need to enforce the law.  The government also needs to face reality and work out a way for these hard working people to get here legally and make sure that they are no being exploited.  

There should be no problem with reform of the current system that clearly does not work as it is.


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