Vultures Row: Dreaming of Brewing

Dreaming of Brewing

Lately the topic of home brewing has been much discussed and this has lead to the dream of opening a micro-brewery.

While ideas for the name have been offered, not one has really jumped out yet.

Which is where you come in, if you wish, please submit your ideal name for a micro-brewery and a theme for it’s branding

Some that have been offered have been
Battleship Brewery with an offering of
     Dreadnaught Draft
     Jack staff IPA
     Periscope Pilsner
     Ironside Ale
     Battlewagon Brew
     Shell Back Stout

Some other beers could include Chick Beer, a light sweet blonde beer with no bitterness and its’ companion drink Dude Draft  Both would come in a Date Pack, a six pack consisting of four Dudes and two Chicks.  

Just for fun, what suggestions do you have for a beer?


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