Vultures Row: Immigration Reform Round-up

Immigration Reform Round-up

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A quick round up of good immigration reform / protests-for-law-breakers-rights essays and comments

Sailor in the Desert Has a link to a great photo summary of the event in L.A. It gives evidence to the lie of the “spontaneity” and shows true motives behind the Immigration Reform Protests

Lone Star Times has posted some good photos and give an incite into the real motivation behind them

“Theoretically, the purpose of these protests is to gain public sympathy on behalf of one’s cause. That was part of the brilliance of the 50’s and 60’s civil rights strategy, where activists went out of their way to be clean-cut and well dressed, stressed their belief in and commitment to American ideals, and insisted on a dignified (and sympathy-generating) non-violence.”

Mister Priapus weighs in with views from his own child hood, growing up in the barrio.

“But it was always about the fact that I was a "white boy" and I didn't belong because Texas was a part of Mexico.  The illegal aliens themselves never gave me any shit for some reason. They were too busy avoiding the cops and la migra and I guess they figured they better be nice to the guero or else I might turn them in.  Whereas the Americanized kids that fucked with me didn't have as much sense as they did idealism. They sure felt strongly about whites being in what they'd considered their territory.”

Brian B. at Memento Moron has a quote worth reading in its entirety for context but we offer a highlight anyway:

“Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag”

Darth Apathy’s very own Evil Genius, Vic wrote an essay that should win an award:

“In addition to being a nation of immigrants, The U.S. is a nation of laws; laws that all citizens and would-be citizens are expected to obey.”

Committees of Correspondence
Paraphrases a nice quote:
I know not what course others may take; but as for me If I hear about an Illegal Alien Boycott? I am going shopping and any business I find closed?
Gets no trade from me henceforth.

And Finally
Isn’t it Rich Provides us with a look at the issue from across the fence.

“President Fox has called U.S. border control efforts in San Diego and Texas “discriminatory.” He said those of us opposed to illegal immigration are part of “minority, xenophobic, discriminatory groups.” And President Fox astounded us all when he declared that illegal aliens in the U.S. “take work that not even blacks want to do.”


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