Vultures Row: Helen Thomas has a Contender?

Helen Thomas has a Contender?

Does the White House Press Corps’ Crazy old Aunt in the Attic, Helen Thomas, have a contender for her long held position as the wackiest member?

It seems David Gregory has decided to throw his hat into the ring.  At first he just seemed to be angry as he called White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan a jerk when McClellan asked him to hold a question until the cameras were on, but now, in complete disregard for professionalism he called into Imus and was apparently drunker than Teddy K at a Daytona Beach Spring Break party.

“I was -- remember that movie "Arthur" with Dudley Moore where he just thinks funny things and that's what was going on.” – David Gregory March 2, 2006 on Imus in the Morning

While this has nothing to do with politics, it does say something about Gregory’s sense of pride in his work and reputation.  As much as we dislike Walter Cronkite, we do not ever remember him going on a national show inebriated.  Gregory has taken another step down the road of looney journalist where at the end; he will find Queen of the irrelevant, but entertaining journalists, Ms Helen Thomas.  

While Ms. Thomas will be the all time champion, she should step down and hand the belt to the next generation, much like Andre the Giant handing the belt to Hulk Hogan.  


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