Vultures Row: Good Job Carter

Good Job Carter

Good Job Carter

Thank you so much Mr. Former President for monitoring these elections…

Hundreds of ballot boxes found in Haiti dump

Wednesday, February 15, 2006; Posted: 12:58 p.m. EST (17:58 GMT)

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) -- Hundreds of smashed ballot boxes and bags apparently used to carry vote count sheets were scattered across a garbage dump Wednesday, more than a week after Haiti's disputed presidential elections.

U.N. officials sent troops to the garbage dump five miles north of the capital to recover the election material, according to U.N. spokesman David Wimhurst, who called the discovery "extraordinary."

Associated Press journalists saw hundreds of empty ballot boxes, at least one vote tally sheet and several empty bags, numbered and signed by the heads of polling stations, strewn across the fly-infested dump.

Leading candidate Rene Preval has alleged that election officials have undercounted his support in an effort to prevent him from winning a first-round victory.

Hours earlier, the local Telemax TV news broadcast images from the same dump showing smashed white ballot boxes with wads of ballots strewn about. Ballot after ballot was marked for Preval.

Among the bags seen by AP was one vote tally sheet from the Port-au-Prince neighborhood of Carrefour that recorded 129 votes for Preval out of 202 cast.

A man picking through the dump, Jean-Ricot Guerrier, said a truck dumped the material a day after the election. Someone tried to burn the material, but rain put out the fire, he said.

Wimhurst said the ballots could have come from any of nine polling stations across the country that were ransacked on election day, forcing officials to throw out up to 35,000 votes. At least one voting center was destroyed by people tired of waiting in line, others were destroyed by political factions, he said.

We see you did your usual bang-up job at making sure they were fair.  You do so much good for the world, it’s a wonder that some people wont listen to you.


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