Vultures Row: Listen Up Kiddies

Listen Up Kiddies

In George Orwell’s classic, 1984, the characters could be prosecuted for thought crimes.  That is if they even thought about something the state defined as a crime, they could be prosecuted for it.  History was sanitized and even re-written to conform to the official opinion of the state.

Why bring this up?

Well there are twenty students in California that are suspended from school because they committed a thought crime, the horrible crime of visiting a website.  We know, its too scary to think about right?

“Twenty middle-schoolers were suspended for two days after viewing a boy's posting on the Web site that contained an alleged threat, school officials said.”

The students did not port the threat, they just read the threat, but yet they are being punished.  What is even more outrageous is the following g comment:

Because the creator of a posting can change its content at any time, it's unclear how much the students saw.  

Are they serious?  They do not even know if the students saw anything but yet, just because they visited a site, they are all going to be suspended for two days.  

The most disturbing part of this story is that the children who received invitations to view the site did so after school hours in their own homes, not using any school equipment, yet the district felt it was in their purview to discipline children at home.  

And the angry left thinks that it is Bush that is the threat to privacy?


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