Vultures Row: Bombs cause Backfire

Bombs cause Backfire

Our deepest sympathies to all who have been victims of terror, our Prayers go out to you.

The recent bombings in Jordan have caused anger and animosity to the terrorists cause instead of the anticipated cowering and anti-American feelings that were desired.

Jordanians are mad, they want revenge, they want to see swine excrement Abu Musab al-Zarqawi burn in hell.  

“Wednesday's attacks on three Western-based hotel chains will only strengthen the resolve of Jordanians to keep terrorism from breaching its borders” - King Abdullah II.

Jordanians are also rejecting the implication that Islam, their religion, is tied to the attack.

"The world has to know that this has nothing to do with Islam," said Ashraf al-Akhras, who lost several family members when one of the bombs went off during his wedding.

They understand, regret and resent the bastardization of their faith.  

Now is the time for America to renew our commitment to fighting terrorists, to take a firm stand and stop lending support and giving hope of victory to terrorists.  We can beat them, but only if we keep our commitment.  


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