Vultures Row: China steals Russian Space Technology

China steals Russian Space Technology

Russian Security Agency Confirms Arrests of Space Researchers

Russia’s domestic security agency, the FSB, confirmed on Monday that three senior executives at Mashexport, a state-run company dealing with foreign space contracts, were charged with the illegal sale of secret space technology to China, Gazeta.Ru website reported.

Igor Reshetin, the head of Mashexport, and his aides Sergei Tverdokhlebov and Alexander Rozhkin, have been officially charged and placed in custody, the FSB’s public relations department told RIA-Novosti.

Reshetin is accused of illegally selling secret space technology, theft and fraud, the FSB said.

It is interesting how fast China as been able to advance their rocket sciences in just the last ten years or so, it’s almost as if they were getting help from powerful leaders in the industry or at least insider information.  

We all know China would only use this technology for peaceful purposes and never use this for something like delivering nuclear tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles or launching attacks against a rival’s satellites.   They would only use it for peaceful exploration.  Right?


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