Vultures Row: Never Surrender, Never Appease

Never Surrender, Never Appease

In one day fewer than one hundred people are dead at the hands of Al Qaeda.  At leas 56 in Jordan and 34 in Baghdad are dead because they were nothing more than a political statement for evil people who would rather kill than to address their disputes in a rational manner.

The left still thinks that we can cut and run and the terrorists will leave us alone, after all, if the terrorists are mad at us for being there, then if we leave they will be happy and will not seek to hurt us.  

Just one problem, the attacks of September 11, 2001 were before we were in Iraq.  The terrorists want us dead, it doesn’t matter if we give in to their desires, they will not be happy unless we convert or die, it is that simple.  

In Los Angeles yesterday, two men were indicted for attempting to purchase man portable surface to air missiles.  While no terror connection has been identified, there is only one use for such missiles.  You can not use them for drug turf wars; you can not use them for smuggling.  They are only good for one thing and that is to destroy air craft in flight.  These missiles are designed to bring down super sonic fighters and bombers that have measures built into them to help defeat the missile.  There is very little chance that a civilian air liner, which flies straight and at constant speeds, with no chaff, with no flares, could avoid such a missile.  The plane would break up and all soles onboard would most likely die.   Why would two Asian drug smugglers want with surface to air missiles?

We can not cut and run from Iraq, we can not ignore Al Qaeda.  Appeasing them will not work, it will only embolden them. Why can’t the left get this simple fact?


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