Vultures Row: We Don’t Like Bono, But…

We Don’t Like Bono, But…

We are often outraged at millionaire pop star Bono’s calls for our money to be spent in relief efforts all around the world. We are strictly against the policy of redistribution of wealth and other communist ideals. However today we read a story that we have to agree with Bono and his Band.

It seems both sides of the political monster are using U2 concerts as fundraisers.

Rock giants U2 unhappy to be politicians' cash cows
Rock giants U2 have expressed outrage that US politicians from both main parties, including Hillary Clinton, are using their concerts to fill campaign coffers.

"The U2 concerts are categorically not fundraisers for any politician. They are rock concerts for U2 fans," a statement from the group's publicist said.

Senator Clinton has "invited" 18 people to join her on October 19 in a luxury suite at Washington's MCI Center to see U2 play during their sold-out Vertigo tour, as long as they contribute 2,500 dollars to the Democratic Party.

Luxury suites at the center cost 7,000 dollars and offer a close-up view of the stage.

"We do a meet-and-greet with the senator, and then go in and listen to music," said Ann Lewis, the former first lady's spokeswoman.

Pennsylvania Republican Senator Rick Santorum is holding a 1,000-dollar-a-head fundraiser at U2's show in Philadelphia this weekend.

Whatever a groups politics or beliefs they should not be used as political tools. It is one thing if they agree to be activists for one candidate or another, but for political groups to use them without their consent is just wrong.


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