Vultures Row: Don’t Mess With Texas

Don’t Mess With Texas

"With more than 1,200 miles of border shared with Mexico, Texas is clearly at the center of the important debate about how best to secure our border. In this post-9/11 era, there is no such thing as homeland security without border security." - Texas Governor Rick Perry

With these comments on Wednesday, Perry announced his plan for tackling the tough issue of illegal immigration.    

His plan includes:

•Give $6 million to local sheriffs so they can hire more deputies and pay overtime.
•Improve radio communications between multiple agencies.
•Develop a response plan to emergencies and disasters on the border.
•Ask the National Guard to assist in training and take part in emergency response drills.
•Encourage laws that would enhance investigations and expand state wiretap authority.
•Reduce violent crime along the border

His plan is already being attacked by political foes, one calling it a political stunt for an upcoming election.  Perry is responding to what the American people want, tighter controls on the border.    Is responding to the public’s desires nothing more than a political move?  Yes and No.  It may be motivated by politics, but it is doing something to secure the borders.  

"We are elated, it will help the war on terrorism and protect the country."  Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez said of the plan. "They'll be getting overtime to look for terrorists, but in looking for terrorists they'll be running into drug and human smugglers, and they'll be dealt with accordingly."

This plan is more than rhetoric like the State of Emergency declared by Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson.  Perry’s plan not only identifies the problem it also offers measures to work on it.  In searching for one brand of criminal they will be finding more, and stopping any illegal activity across the border can only be a win-win situation for the residents of Texas and the rest of America.


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