Vultures Row: Urgent Prayer Request

Urgent Prayer Request

Vic at Darth Apathy is one of my best friends. I don’t mean best friends as in he is fun to party with. I mean the kind of best friend that would:

  • help you move (4 times so far)
  • Watch your cripple wife while you go out of State to pick up kids for spring break
  • Get you a job
  • Not drink all of your beer
  • Game at the drop of a hat
  • Watch you kids after school
  • Restrain you from exploding after dealing with your ex wife
  • Get you free tickets to Astros Playoff games, Styx, Deep Purple, Billy Squire, Poison, David Lee Roth/ Sammy Hagar, Vince Neal, Kiss (2 times), Scorpions, and many others.
  • Walk you through any computer problem you have, multiple times.

  • And not ask anything in return. Vic and I were Shipmates in the Navy, Roommates after we got out and was at my wedding. If I have a problem I know I can call on him, just as he knows he can call on me. He is one of the true friends that I know will always be a friend.

    Vic’s sister, Star (yes her name is Star) needs your prayers. She was diagnosed with Breast cancer last month. She had a tumor the size of orange. The operated on it and felt they got it. They also think it may have spread to her lymph nodes, so they removed those too. Monday we found out that Star was having pain in her back, they took her in and there is a tumor in her L4/L5 area and one in each hip. Vic talked to her boyfriend. He and star have been keeping some information from the family. Star has a total of nine possible tumors in her back, hips and right leg. The doctors are saying that there is a ten percent that she can live out the year, and it will be very painful for her during that time.

    Please pray for her and her family. It is not easy. I lost my mother last year to cancer and it is a scary thing. Star’s situation is compounded by the fact that there have been several relatives that have succumbed to aggressive breast cancer.

    Star, Our prayers go out to God for you.


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