Vultures Row: Mick Jagger is a Washed Up 62 Year Old Rock-n-Roll Rebel

Mick Jagger is a Washed Up 62 Year Old Rock-n-Roll Rebel

The Rolling Stones, who some claim are the best band ever (which I disagree with) have another album coming out. Who cares? Well, it seems that there is a song on it called Sweet Neo-con. Some of the lyrics include:

You call yourself a Christian, I call you a hypocrite/ You call yourself a patriot. Well, I think you are full of shit!

How come you're so wrong? My sweet neo-con, where's the money gone, in the Pentagon

It's liberty for all, democracy's our style, unless you are against us, then it's prison without trial.

Why do we bring this up? Is it because we think Mick and the other geriatric members of the band should be censored for not spewing the Party line of the “neo-cons”? Is it because the lyrics are just bad from a poetic sense? Is it because the only word he could rhyme with hypocrite was shit?


What we take issue with some one who says this in the telegraph:

"It is direct," Sir Mick said of the song Sweet Neo Con, admitting that guitarist Keith Richards was "a bit worried" about a possible backlash because he is based in the US.

Unlike many other entertainers Sir Mick usually shuns heaping vitriol on President George W Bush, but his dig at the neo cons is aimed at the heart of the Bush administration..

And then says this in the Washington Post

"It is not really aimed at anyone," Jagger said on the entertainment-news show's Wednesday edition. "It's not aimed, personally aimed, at President Bush…"

So our question is for Mr. Jagger; do you think we are so stupid as to not notice? You want to be seen as a Bush-hating nut job fine, go right ahead. You are insulting anyone with more than two brain cells. But don’t pander to the left with this song then tell us it is not about President Bush. You are trying to have it both ways. You must think we are stupid if you think that you can write “lyrics” that make those statements and then think someone, ANYONE will believe that it is not about Bush.

It makes YOU Mr. Jagger, a Hypocrite.


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