Vultures Row: Mother Changes Story to Politicizes Son’s Death

Mother Changes Story to Politicizes Son’s Death

The sun beats down on the dust Texas town, hats are required if one plans to spend any time out side. On a lawn chair, with a bottle of water, sits one distraught mother. She is in Texas as part of her Anti-war Media Tour. In Crawford, Texas she went on the media blitz to decry how President Bush "killed an indispensable part of our family and humanity."

Excuse me? Ma’am, I understand that the death of a child is extremely painful and I offer my condolences to you and your family. That said, your son joined the military of his own free will and he was a mechanic. How was he “indispensable to humanity”?

She has vowed to continue her protest in the scorching Texas sun, until she can personally ask Bush: "Why did you kill my son?"

Chatting with Wolf Blitzer she claimed Bush "acted like it was party" when she and her family met with the President last year.

"It was -- you know, there was a lot of things said. We wanted to use the time for him to know that he killed an indispensable part of our family and humanity. And we wanted him to look at the pictures of Casey.

"He wouldn't look at the pictures of Casey. He didn't even know Casey's name. He came in the room and the very first thing he said is, 'So who are we honoring here?' He didn't even know Casey's name. He didn't want to hear it. He didn't want to hear anything about Casey. He wouldn't even call him 'him' or 'he.' He called him 'your loved one.'

Every time we tried to talk about Casey and how much we missed him, he would change the subject. And he acted like it was a party.

BLITZER: Like a party? I mean...

SHEEHAN: Yes, he came in very jovial, and like we should be happy that he, our son, died for his misguided policies. He didn't even pretend like somebody...

But just last year Cindy was telling a much different tale of the encounter. Vacaville, California’s The Reporter newspaper printed an Cindy Sheehan’s own account of the meeting with President Bush at Fort Lewis, Washington in a much different light.

”I now know he's sincere about wanting freedom for the Iraqis,” Cindy said after their meeting. “I know he's sorry and feels some pain for our loss. And I know he's a man of faith.”

The meeting didn't last long, but in their time with Bush, Cindy spoke about Casey and asked the president to make her son's sacrifice count for something. They also spoke of their faith. The trip had one benefit that none of the Sheehans expected. For a moment, life returned to the way it was before Casey died. They laughed, joked and bickered playfully as they briefly toured Seattle. For the first time in 11 weeks, they felt whole again.

"'That was the gift the president gave us, the gift of happiness, of being together,' Cindy said."

I wonder which one of Sheehan’s OWN accounts is true?

Is it the stupid unconcerned party boy?
Is it the President who gave her family a “gift of happiness”?

Sheehan is using her sons death to get her 15 minutes of fame and to drive her politics. The Angry left wasted no time to jump on her cause and repeat her anti-Bush/war quotes.

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Again, I’d like to thank her son for his service, it is tragic when anyone dies, but he died with dignity and honor for his country, and no matter the antics of his mother, that makes him a hero.

It is sad that her son died in the service of his nation. It is sadder that his mother has decided that she will use his death for fame and political power. Perhaps the saddest part is that the left will pounce on this like a pack of starved stray dogs. They will consider anything she says as proof of wrong doing, but they will never stop to question her as to why she was saying something different last year. Logically when we hear her two stories, it begs us to question her credibility and to wonder what her motives are.


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