Vultures Row: Happy Ending

Happy Ending

As one of the contributors to this Blog with family Navy ties (including a cousin on a boomer), it's with joy and relief that I update Vulture's entry from Friday with the now old but still good news that all 7 Russian sailors were rescued.

God bless the men of the U.S. and Royal Navies who effected the rescue, and our congratulations to all the sailors involved in the effort, regardless the flag under which they serve, and to the families who will see their sons and husbands and fathers come home.


To our Eternal Father, who is quick to save and Whose mighty arm bound the restless wave, we offer our thanks to you for the safe return of the brave, stranded mariners. Trapped as they were, without air and hope, You showed Your mercy to them and their families. We thank you Lord, for their return and for the good will between nations that the rescue efforts has fostered.
Vulture 6


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