Vultures Row: 7 Sailors trapped on Ocean Floor

7 Sailors trapped on Ocean Floor

As all of the authors here at Vultures Row are Sailors or directly related to Sailors, Our hearts and prayers go out to the crew of AS-28, a Russian deep Submergence vehicle that was tangled in a fishing net while conducting exercises in the Pacific Ocean. The screw was fouled by a steel cable and the vessel is now without propulsion and resting on the ocean floor. Russia has launched an all hands effort to rescue the crew of seven that have approximately 20 hours of air left.

AS-30, sister ship to the stricken AS-28 Posted by Picasa

To the crew of the AS-28 We offer the following prayer

"O eternal Lord God, who alone rules the raging seas; grant safety to sailors in peril and please grant your most gracious protection. Please preserve those who venture the waves from the dangers of the sea and that they may be a safeguarded to return to their country and to their families. Please, Lord, grant your mercy to the noble mariners who pass upon and under the seas in the course of their duties so that the inhabitants of their lands may be in peace because of the service of men such as these. God, to the glory of your Name and through Jesus Christ our Lord we pray. Amen."

Russia has also asked Japan and the United States for assistance in the rescue efforts. Japan has agreed and is sending four vessels including one carrying submarine rescue gear, but they are not expected to arrive at the scene until early next week.

Area where the mini sub is stranded Posted by Picasa

The US Navy is sending a DSRV from the elite Deep Submergence Unit stationed at NAS North Island, San Diego, CA. The Deep diving mini sub will be flown to Pearl Harbor aboard an USAF C-5 Galaxy transport.

Russian vessels in the meantime are attempting to snare the disabled craft and pull it to the surface.

We wish the best to the crew and also to the man and women in the rescue effort.

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