Vultures Row: Ted Kennedy: A Case for Term Limits

Ted Kennedy: A Case for Term Limits

I can find no references to any employment of Edward M. Kennedy other than a 3 year stint in the Army after he was thrown out of Harvard for cheating, where he achieved the astonishing rank of Private, First Class. Other than that, the only job that the Senator has held has been his congressional office which he has had since his first campaign in 1962. I spent three day searching the internet for some employment history, some record of what this man has done other than tell others how to live their lives.

He is a modern day Prince. He has had everything handed to him and has never produced a good or service. How can this man claim to represent the people when he has never been one of the people? I know that money and names influence politics, but isn’t it time that we hold career politicians accountable? As the current systems stands, and with the addition of the Incumbent Act of 2002 (Campaign Finance Reform) these fat old white guys will never do what is right for the country, they will only do what is politically expedient. Once there, they only care about staying there. Congress needs to be purged. How is it that congressmen are not limited in the time then can serve but the president is not? I do understand that term limits for the presidency were added after FDR, and I do support them because it eliminates the ability of a president to become a dictator. However, Congress has become a much larger, fatter version of a dictator.

His website’s title bar states “Senator Edward M. Kennedy – Fighting for working Americans. He has never been a working American. He is a fat dumb and happy political hack who is only interested in his party and how they can get back into power. Does anyone really think that this man represents them? Term limits would get rid of career politicians and put common citizens back into congress, people that would work for the good of America, not the good of the party.

The left rails against Tom Delay, he is evil and should be Roved…. Er, Borked.. or whatever… but guess what, he would too be gone if there were term limits. Limits would limit corruption and reduce fraud, pork projects and the graft that we have come to accept as the price of politics.


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