Vultures Row: London Police Shoot, Kill Suspected Bomber

London Police Shoot, Kill Suspected Bomber

This morning it has been reported that a man ran into a London Tube Station and failed to heed Police demands to stop. He was also wearing a heavy winter coat. It was later determined that he did not have any explosives on him. While it is regrettable that the man was killed by the police, he paid the ultimate price for his actions.

It today’s environment must be aware of their actions and how they will be perceived. This tragedy could have been avoided if only the man had stop when asked by the police. London is a city on the edge. Today police announced that the attacks on Thursday were related to the ones two weeks ago. The chemicals are of the same home made composition as the ones used on July 7, 2005. When this man ran into the station, the police were on edge, they were trying to prevent another terrorist act.

I have to agree with an ex-corpsman friend of mine that would diagnose this man as TSTL. Too Stupid To Live. In a city that had just suffered two serious terrorist attacks in two weeks, wearing a winter coat in July, running into a mass transit station and failing to stop when police demand it makes it seem like this person was TSTL. I hold this to be true with ANYONE who runs from police.

(Hat Tip to Darth Apathy for the diagnosis.)


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