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Do the Right Thing

As a Constitutionalist, I’m worried by Scott McClellan’s comment that the nominee will be main stream. Is this another example of Bush selling out conservatives? He has extended the branch of peace to the left (both Liberals and Democrats) and has only gotten spite and hate in return. One example I cite is the education bill he worked with Ted Kennedy. Bush needs to appoint a strict constitutionalist, one that will not interpret the constitution but actually read it and apply the law in accordance with what was written. For a lot of people this nomination is about one thing, abortion. The question if abortion is right or wrong is not the real issue in this case. There is no constitutional basis for abortion.

If proponents want it to be legal, they should lobby and pass a law legalizing it. However, as with many of the lefts ideas, they have never been able to, so they got lawyers to argue the case to more lawyers who happen to be sitting on the bench and suddenly it became a constitutional right. It is not, any one who says there is s right to it is intellectually dishonest. Abortion is not a right. It is not in the constitution. Pass the law, change minds through debate and exchange of ideas, but at least be honest about it.

The President has sold out on many conservative ideas, fiscal responsibility, the size of government, the powers of government, border security (or lack there of), signing into law the Campaign Finance “Reform” and the Prescription Drug bill (I just love having to pay for Bill Gates medicines now) just to name a few. Bush needs to stand up to the left, he needs to nominate someone who is right for the job, not someone who will get a pass from the left. Will he do the right thing and nominate someone based on his principles or will he seek to be cordial yet again? Only time will tell, but the stakes are high as this effects the security of America more than the war in Iraq, more than any military program ever could.


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