Vultures Row: Why I Removed my "I Support the Troops" Ribbon from my SUV

Why I Removed my "I Support the Troops" Ribbon from my SUV

Symbolism over substance. It’s a condition where we talk about doing good and make a symbolic gesture but do not actually do anything. We hear about something that touches us and either out of guilt or misplaced compassion we want to help. So we show our compassion and our understanding with a hollow act.

A perfect case in point Red AIDS awareness ribbons that are mandatory attire for all celebrities at any of the self-congratulatory, aren’t-we-all-so-great awards shows. What help is the red ribbon? Well it does increase AIDS awareness. Who is not aware of AIDS? How is the ribbon helping to reduce AIDS transmissions or how is it helping to find a cure? Does wearing the ribbon increase donations to AIDS research? I think the answer to all of these questions in no. If we are intellectually honest, we will admit that the only thing wearing the ribbon accomplishes is to make the celebrities feel better.

So why did I take my “I Support the Troops” ribbon off of my Minivan and SUV? I took them off because I was not supporting the troops at all. The ribbons were given to me so three was no donation. The person that did purchase them had no idea if any of the money was going to any organization that supports the troops. I was not doing anything to help out the noble people sacrificing their freedoms to protect mine and to establish it for others.

Each time I see a ribbon I ask, sure you do, what are you doing other than saying you do? I then realized that I had the same ribbon and had to ask myself what I was doing. Sure I did serve my country for ten years in the United States Navy, but that is not supporting today’s troops.

It is hypocritical to say that I am supporting them by saying I am supporting them. So I took the ribbon off. I am supporting the troops and you can too.

There are plenty of organizations out there that do good work to support the troops. They do every thing from providing emergency loans to sending creature comforts to the troops in the field.

I personally support the work of the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, an organization that is entirely charitable funded.

So I ask; are YOU supporting the troops or just claiming to?


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