Vultures Row: One June Morning

One June Morning

They were liberals and conservatives, they were White, Hispanic, Irish, English, French and Polish. They were uneducated and had college degrees, they were rich and poor. In short they were from all walks of life but they all had one thing in common. Sixty-One years ago today they boarded ships and planes and crossed the English Channel and started the liberation of Europe. These men fought against incredible odds and the fate of the world held in the balance.

Too many people today forget the sacrifices that our forefathers made so we can be free. Let us never forget those who stood against ternary. Let us remember that men from all backgrounds and philosophies came together to do the right thing.

A heartfelt thank you to all the veterans of D-day for the efforts, the faith and the fidelity you have show us. Thank you for fighting evil and restoring peace.


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