Vultures Row: A Texas Judge Gets It

A Texas Judge Gets It

Via WorldNetDaily

Illegals shocked as judge actually puts them in jail
Texas jurist locks up offenders, deports them instead of freeing them with 'notice to appear'

Posted: June 6, 2005
5:00 p.m. Eastern
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A judge in Texas is shocking illegal aliens in the Brownsville area by actually jailing them and making sure they're deported rather than simply letting them go with a "notice to appear" – most of which are not honored.

** Of the 8,908 notices to appear that the immigration court in nearby Harlingen, Texas issued last year to non-Mexicans, 8,767 failed to show up for their hearings, according to statistics compiled by the Justice Department's Executive Office of Immigration Review. That is a no-show rate of 98 percent

The Brownsville Herald reported U.S. Magistrate Judge Felix Recio is getting tough with illegals caught crossing the Rio Grande, telling a group of Honduran immigrants last week to warn their buddies back home.

** How long until we see stories on this “racist” judge?

"I want you to tell all your friends in Honduras that if they come through Brownsville, Texas, they will not be paroled into the system, and they will be put in jail and deported," Recio told 18-year-old Jorge Enrique Vasquez Carrasco in open court as he handed him a jail sentence that could keep him locked up until space opens at an immigration facility and he is deported.

** Illegal Immigration is Amercia’s Achilles heel. By locking up and deporting the criminals we are at least slowing the flow into the country.

Under the typical scenario, illegals are issued a notice to appear, at which time they go on their way and begin their new life in the U.S. Federal statistics indicate 88 percent of aliens issued a notice don't show up for their hearings. Border agents near McAllen, Texas, have nicknamed the summons "notice to disappear" because they are so often disregarded.

** This is another symptom of the social disease that is taking over America. The major symptom is symbolism over substance. It’s a condition where we talk about doing good and make a symbolic gesture but do not actually do anything.

A nearby Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center contracts with county jails when bed space reaches capacity.

** Maybe someone should set up contract prisons for profit. It’s the capitalist idea at work, see a problem and a need and fill that need.

"There is not a limit on how long a federal prisoner can stay in a county facility," ICE spokeswoman Letty Zamarripa told the Herald.

Zamarripa said criminals and detainees from "nations of interest" such as those that support terrorism are give priority when moved from county jails to federal facilities.

"We are removing detainee’s everyday," Zamarripa said of immigrants being deported from the facility. "We have two flights a week with room for 120 on each flight in addition to two buses leaving each week."

** I’d suggest using a simi trailer, but that was done with very poor results on the inbound leg. Deporting the illegals is the right thing to do, but we need to do it more quickly that we are.

Nathan Selzer with the Valley Movement for Human Rights said "undocumented" immigrants, who he believes are committing "non-violent and victimless crime," are being put in danger when housed in the same jails as "real" criminals.

** Mr. Selzer, anyone one who breaks the law is a ‘real” criminal. When they sneek into the country they ARE breaking the law and they are criminals.

Selzer said U.S. immigration policy needs to be reformed.

** It needs to be enforced before it can be reformed.

"But that's in the hands of President Bush and Congress and they refuse to do so," Selzer is quoted as saying.

** On this point we agree but for different reasons.

Illegal immigration is what is going to harm this country the most. We need to reform the systems so we can quickly process LEGAL Immigration.


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