Vultures Row: One More Reson to Trust the UN

One More Reson to Trust the UN


Hat tip to Nate the Moonbat for pointing out a flaw in my post. As the article is written I mistakenly thought the UN had control of the plans when they went missing, after re-reading the article several times, it is appears that the UN had obtained one copy of these plans after two sets went missing from Pakistani.

I apologize to the UN and all utopians everywhere for saying the UN lost them.

It does, however, not change my opinion that the UN is corrupt and inefficient and a drain or resources from the real work of protecting the world.

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UN alert as nuclear plans go missing

Blueprints disclosing key steps to build a bomb feared up for sale

Ian Traynor in Vienna
Thursday June 9, 2005
The Guardian

Electronic drawings that give comprehensive details of how to build and test equipment essential for making nuclear bombs have vanished and could be put up for sale on the international black market, according to UN investigators.

The blueprints, running to hundreds of pages, show how to make centrifuges for enriching uranium. In addition, the investigators have been unable to trace key components for uranium centrifuge rigs and fear that drawings for a nuclear warhead have been secreted away and could be for sale.

Does UN stand for Unorganized Nincompoops?

How can any one trust or respect this group? Between loosing blueprints for a nuclear weapon (and WHY does the UN need to have blue prints for this anyway?) and the rampant corruption that is uncovered almost daily it boggles the mind that some still see this one august body as the paragon of international politics and hope.

It would be one of the greatest ironies in history if a nuclear war was started because of the "Champion of Peace" had "lost" or a corrupt official sold plans for weapons of mass destruction.

The UN started as a good idea, but the fact that it is unaccountable to anyone, including itself, has led it to become nothing more than a useless debating society. The UN has done some good work like UNICEF, but I have to question where any donations go, now that we have found out that the UN has accounting practices that excel Enron's. I will never again donate to any UN controlled charity, there are too many out there that have a much more integrity.

Maybe one day I will have new respect for the UN but that will not even be a possibility until there is serious reform and house cleaning in the UN and until there are verifiable oversights put in place to ensure that the corruption will not happen again.


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