Vultures Row: And We Are Supposed to Feel Sorry for Him?

And We Are Supposed to Feel Sorry for Him?

Chinese Teen in Deportation Battle

The Associated Press
Wednesday, June 8, 2005; 3:56 AM

HOUSTON -- Young Zheng was so terrified of being deported back to China that he recently smashed his head into a wall, knocking himself unconscious and requiring a brief hospitalization.

"I will be killed if I return to China," Zheng told The Associated Press in a phone interview from a federal juvenile detention facility. "I owe the smugglers money and they will find me."

In what has to be the most interesting application for asylum this teen and his lawyers claim that his life is in danger and he will be killed if he is returned to China.

"This is an emergency situation," said Houston lawyer John Sullivan, one of two attorneys representing Zheng pro bono through the National Center for Refugee and Immigrant Children. "His life is in danger."

Who would want to kill a 17 year old kid? It is the smugglers that he paid, or didn't finish paying to get him into the United States ILLEGALLY. Huh.

So their argument is that he deserves to be granted emergency citizenship because if he is deported for breaking into the United States, he will be killed by the people that he conspired with to illegally enter the country. In excel® this would be know as a circular reference and the rules of logic would not allow it to be used.

Besides being an illegal immigration issue, this is also a personal responsibility issue. This young man decided to break American Law by seeking to enter this country improperly and dealing with criminal characters to do so. He created his own situation and as unfortunate as it is, he has to deal with it now. He should not be allowed to stay.


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