Vultures Row: Pray for Michael Schiavo

Pray for Michael Schiavo

I know that Michael Schiavo is not a good person. His actions are deplorable and I’m not convinced that he is not responsible for her condition. There is a lot of evidence that he has caused all that has happened to her. However I ask you to pray for him. Not that he is successful in murdering his wife, but for his soul.

Christ tells us to forgive and to pity those who have committed sins. I pray that he will find Christ and accept him as his savior. I pray that Michael will ask for forgiveness for his sins.

As Christians we sometimes get in the bad habit of surrounding ourselves with other Christians and forget that it is those who have not accepted Gods greatest gift to us that need our prayers more than those who have come to know the Lord. It is not only something we should do, it is something we MUST do. We have to pray for the ones who need it most, the ones that do not know Christ and what he can do for them if they just turn their lives over to him.

I Pray that Michael will come to know the Lord and will confess his sins, I pray that he will see the errors in his past and learn from them, I pray that Michaels soul will be fill with the spirit of Christ.

I ask all Christians to join me. Whether we like Michael or not is of no matter, our concern with him, as with everone, should be salvation. It is not only proper to pray it is the right thing to do.


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