Vultures Row: Cowboy Bob's 5 Questions grenade

Cowboy Bob's 5 Questions grenade

Five Questions for Vulture 6
Vulture 6 jumped on the 5 Questions grenade!

Somehow I jumped on the grenade and now I have to answer the followig 5 questions. I'm not one for quizes and the like as I'm a full time college student, hols a full time job, have kids, a wife healign from the nastiest bone break I've bever seen and help my brother out with his company.

but here is the grenade...

1. Multi-part question: Marilyn Monroe or Grace Kelly? Sandra Bullock or Marisa Tomei? Nicole Kidman or a slice of pepperoni and sausage pizza and a Heineken?
Sandi, no question.
Pizza and Beer (mmmmmm beeeer)

2. What was the crowning achievement of your professional career?

Not sure I have had that yet.

3. What was your low point?

Spending 3 years working for trail lawyers

4. You're going to spend six months on the International Space Station as an amateur mission specialist. Besides members of your family or close friends, pick three non-astronauts to join you.

Bob Vila, that place is falling apart
Glenn Beck I can learna lot from him, and he has great stories
Capt Jerry K. Shields, CHC, USN

5. It's your stage...every broadcast, cable, and satellite TV network in the world has the feed from a camera/mike in your living room for two minutes. What do you say?

Live from Ney York....

It would be tough. I'd like to make a pitch for a flat tax rate, for SSI reform, For Conid Rice for Prez, School vouchers, and a host of other things, but I think what it would come down to for two minutes I would witness to God's power and grace. How it has helped me time and again.


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