Vultures Row: A plea

A plea

I hate mommy blogs

I really do. I surf across one I can’t wait to get away from it. There is nothing more dull to me than reading about how many peas little Johnny ate today then threw them up. Well, if there were more stories about them projectile vomiting I’d be more inclined to read instead of the cute little things little Johnny did that day. The only thing worse is knitting blogs.

I am more into political blogs, they are more entertaining to me. That being said, I’m about to daddy blog. You have been warned.

I’m in a custody battle with my ex wife. She is know in some circles as the Demon Spawn from the Seventh Level of Hell, that Satan himself kicked out because she is such a bitch or DS for short. I’m in a nasty battle for custody because in the last few years she has not been the best guardian to the kids. I was not in any position to take the kids in. I no am and several of the kids have asked to live with me.

After a few people in the town the live in presented me with some facts about he condition that my kids are living in, I decided to seek custody. She found out and has polled the kids asking each one what they want to do.

My 15 year old told her he wants to live with me. She went off on him, grounded him and would not let him have dinner last night. She would not let him call me, but he snuck a phone into his room and played with the wires into the wall until he got it to work (note to self: keep the kid out of the car). He called me to let me know what is going on., she found out and the last thing I heard was him yelling “No mom, don’t…” I called back but no answer. I called the school this morning to check on him. He is not in, he is sick. I called DS to ask about how he is doing. She let him talk, but was telling hi what he could and couldn’t say to me. He is sick, from what I could gather, but he is also scared about what is going on.

I bring all this up is because I need your prayers for a positive outcome to this situation. Vulturette and I just want to give the kids a better home and more opportunity than what they have now. We want them to know a loving home. Please pray for the kids.

Thank you.


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