Vultures Row: Is Lexus the car of the Devil?

Is Lexus the car of the Devil?

What is it about Lexus drivers in Houston? Each one I’ve had the misfortune to come across seems to be an asshole. I don’t know if this is caused by the elitist, superior attitude of their commercials or if the commercials just attract assholes. I have found that they are generally rude. They will cut you off, never use turn signals and display an arrogant attitude towards the other drivers. I have been regularly cut off by several of the Lexus drivers on my way to work. They get in a turn lane make a left turn and then hop one lane to the right, my lane, to go straight instead of being in the turn lane that they were in. They will also never let you over on the freeway, speed up so you can’t move over and will dart across several lanes to get to the exit at the last minute.

I don’t see this “I own this road, your just here” attitude in all ford drivers, nor GM, Honda, BMW, Jaguar, Dodge nor even other Toyota drivers. I think that this phenomenon is specific to the drivers of Lexus. I’m sure there are some nice people that drive Lexus, but I have not found one. I have to say that I’m shocked to find out that there are so many assholes that have gravitated to that one make. Am I alone in this thought?


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