Vultures Row: Would Dr. King Have Been Angered?

Would Dr. King Have Been Angered?

According to the Arizona Republic two women have been arrested in connection with the brawls that broke out close to the end of the Martin Luther King Jr. day celebrations in down town Phoenix.

The police have said there are no indications that the young women have any gang connections, but witnesses report that there was a tension in the air that could be felt.

Police Lt. Soah said “All we are dealing with here is a very small percentage of juveniles, for the most part, who were looking to show they were tough and start the fights after the event.”

What a lofty goal to have for a day to remember a man whose goal was to unite ALL Americans as one nation. I might draw some criticism here but I believe that Dr. King stood for more than just equal rights for black people. I think his goals were for all people to be treated the same, for all people to live with respect for each other. When youths of any color fight for no reason other than to get some street credibility, it degrades that message, that hope.

I believe Dr. King would have be outraged at the sight of people brawling in public, I believe he would be outraged at the state of the black community specifically and that of the divisiveness of America in general. It is not often that a real leader come along, not just some one in charge, but a person that truly leads people to a better way of life. Dr. King was such a person and that all of America is a better place for his efforts. His vision of people being judged on the content of their character, no the color of skin is the ideal way to determine who gets our respect, if we each strive to live up to that idea, our society will be a better place.

I do think He would have been outraged, but I also believe he would ask of us to forgive those involved and counsel them, to help lead them to a better life.


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