Vultures Row: Amazing Display of love from the Left

Amazing Display of love from the Left

Hat tip to Darth Apathy and Memento Moron

I think I have made my self quite clear on my views of free speech. If I have not, then let me restate my opinion:

Everyone has the right to say what they want and make an ass out of them selves as long as they do not call for harm to others.

That being said Michelle Malkin; a woman I respect very much has come under attack for expressing her right to free speech. The attacks were rude and childish, but some were really racists and some even called for violence against her.

It is yet another example of how the left, the stalwarts of equality, the defenders of the minorities pours vast amounts of hate into attacking any minority that disagrees with them. Not only do the spew with venom, they drop any sense of civility and intelligence in an attempt to totally discredit any one, any minority, that disagrees with the “official” party line. If a minority does not tow the line then they are less than human, they are sell outs and they are to be considered traders to their race and to the left.

Mrs. Malkin is not a leftist. She has not committed treason to the left’s ideology, her party or her race. She simply has ideas and beliefs the she has formed. No one should be the subject to that amount of anger for simply expressing her opinions.


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