Vultures Row: Biden Sells Out

Biden Sells Out

I am no fan of Joe Biden, I have no respect for him. My problems with him stem from his lack of moral authority.

I do not like Barbara Boxer. I do have respect for her. While I disagree with her principles, I do believe she has the courage to stand by what she believes in. There are some inconsistencies, but over all she hold her ground. She is opposed to Dr. Rice being SecState. I think she is wrong, but she has the right to her opinion.

Joe Biden also opposes Dr. Rice’s nomination and has “grave doubts” and “serious issues” about her becoming the official mouth piece of the United States, but let her know that he was going to vote for her anyway. I do not understand how he is serving his constituents, people who keep electing him to represent them, by voting for someone who he feels is not in the best interest of his country.

Either Dr. Rice is right for the job or she is not. If an elected official is voting to confirm a person for the secretary of state, and feels that they are not the best candidate for the job they are guilty of dereliction. Mr. Bieden is either lying to us about not liking Dr. Rice or he is sending the message that the job of Secretary of State is unimportant. He can not have a moral compass on this issue because he did vote for her after objecting to her.

Mr. Biden is a sell out for a political sound bite. At least Mrs. Boxer objected and stood behind that objection. SHE did not prove her self to be irrelevant.

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