Vultures Row: Petty Politics

Petty Politics

John Kerry voted no, Barbara Boxer voted no, the only no votes on Foreign Relations Committee. So why is the conformation not forthcoming today? Because the compassionate democrats are holding it up until next week for no other reason than they do not want the President to have two positives stories on the same day.

They are afraid that the news of Dr. Rice being confirmed would detract from the press coverage of the counter demonstrations being held today to protest the inauguration.

The United Stated of America has no Secretary of State today. General Powell stepped down yesterday. Dr. Rice is expected to be confirmed, but has not been so we have no official executive diplomat.

The democrats have once again put petty politics above the needs of the nation, above the common good, just so they can score a few points with the extreme left, the ones that still are screaming selected, not elected.

Senator Biden, not my favorite American, was caught on tape yesterday in the back ground while someone else was speaking, if you hear the clip you can hear Biden saying hold up the nomination. The context of the comments are not there, but the Representative from Delaware should explain his comments in full.

The American public in general should be outraged that this is happening. The Democrats should be held accountable, but will not be. After all, O.J. Simpson’s daughter was arrested, Ben Kinsley is getting a divorce, Simon Cowell was mean on Idol and Trump is getting married this weekend.

Secret Message of the day:
Right now time is having its way with you.



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