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Prince Harry

I normally do not comment on celebrity gossip, royal watching or other useless stuff that I could care about less, however with the current level of buzz surrounding Prince Harry I wanted to offer an opinion.


Was it a stupid idea to wear that costume? Yes.
Was it insensitive? No. It was just a bad idea.

We should not ban all images and remembrances of any horror least we forget. I say to those who do not like the Nazi uniform that you have no right to NOT be offended. We can not ignore history.

If it’s offensive to you write him a letter explaining in your words what you feel the error of his ways were, but to ban him from joining the army is just a bit drastic.

He is a young man growing up and he will make mistakes, just like all young men, but because of who his parents are and who he is, each one will be observed, dissected and criticized. How is it that a man is expected to be perfect? Young Harry (no not that one the real one) need to make his mistakes and learn form them, it is the only way he will truly learn right from wrong.

He no knows it was a dumb thing to do, and I doubt he will try anything like it again.

I feel sorry for the kids because he can’t even pick a lame costume without being micro analyzed.

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