Vultures Row: Glad it’s Over

Glad it’s Over


Man, I am glad it’s over. I really feared that Senator Kerry would drag the country through the mud trying to hold onto the slim hope that he might find the magic ballot box somewhere.

I’m also glad there was no fighting, no rioting, no hate displayed at the polls. There may have been some incidents here and there, but nothing major.

A 3.5 million lead in the popular vote putting him over 51%. President Bush has a mandate from the people that states we prefer his action to the proposed talking with the terrorists.

I’m heartened by the civility of the process this year and I welcome the chance to heal the rift that has been caused by the extreme partizians on both sides.

I also am happy to observe here that Michael Moore, Leo DiCaprieo, Springsteen, the Dixie Chicks and others really had no influence on the electorate. Maybe there is hope yet.

Vulture 6

PS: Nanny, Nanny Boo, Boo, we won and you didn’t.


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