Vultures Row: Unity or the Lack Of

Unity or the Lack Of


I was looking at the map of the returns; boy does Osama have a lot of work cut out for him. I was amused by the fact that the Mason Dixon Line was almost clear in the east.

Not that I’m advocating cessation or anything, but IF we can not over come the animosity that has built from the last few election cycles, maybe we should look at splitting up into several countries, united in defense only.

The three west coast states are very liberal and socialist leaning; they can become The Peoples Republic of Pacifica.

The North east is known for being elitist and we all know how much better they are than the rest of us so we can let them become the nation of New Europe.

The upper Midwest is a problem. My first instinct was to call this new nation, The Great Mistakes, but I doubt the residents would be open to this. I would suggest Utopia Major,

I’m open to input from all of you out there.

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