Vultures Row: Year in Review Installment 1

Year in Review Installment 1


Don’t you just love all those end of the year retrospectives that always flood the airwaves in December? Well in keeping with the spirit of Wal-Mart putting out Christmas decorations in August this year, I will start a mini-feature of looking back at some of the things that have happened this year. I will look at some of the stories and some of the news events and put my own personal comments on said events. I know that the world is waiting with baited breath so here it is.

Can we afford to be members?

The Most under Reported Story of the Year:

Oil for Food Scandal Coverage
The oil for food program was set up after Gulf War I to assist the people of Iraq get needed food and medical supplies. The UN had sanctions in place to help Hussein conform to the terms of the Cease Fire Agreement that limited hostilities from 1990-2003. The UN however had accepted bribes from Hussein in the form of oil and payments to look the other way while member nations of the UN profited from breaking the sanctions they had put into place. This incident is further proof that the UN is a morally corrupt organization, whose ideas are great, but in fact has become a useless debating society. The Oil for Food Program coupled with the inability and their unwillingness to enforce their own mandates has castrated the United Nations.

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