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***** Vulture 6: OK, where is Kerry’s staff crying about over political acts when stuff like this happens? They are showing a movie that can, at best, be called a Bush Hatchet Job at a polling place? How in the world can ANY one think this will not influence voters? Does this Action in kind to Kerry’s campaign draw any fire or criticism? Where is the outrage at this? I know this is not happening the day of the election, but the place is frequented by the voters. It could seem to be an unofficial endorsement of the film and by proxy Pro-Kerry/Anti-Bush. I am all for free speech, but to attempt to influence voters in such a blatant manner is outrageous (not in the Anna Nicole your out of control outrageous but the true meaning of the word). If people want to see the “documentary” they can go to a theatre or Blockbuster® or even spend the $2.99 and buy it at the mega-low-mart to see it. A polling place is supposed to be free of any form of advertising of any candidate and that “film” can only be called a propaganda piece by any one who is remotely objective.
It’s enough to make this vulture sick, and look what vultures can stomach…*****

Fahrenheit 9/11' To Be Shown At Polling Site
Resident Plans To Take Issue To Court

POSTED: 10:17 am EDT October 15, 2004
ELYRIA, Ohio -- A hot-button film is getting multiple viewings at a local polling place the week before the election, NewsChannel5 reported. Some say the West River branch library should not be playing politics.

Library user Jim Pengov is seeing red.

The library is a polling place on Nov. 2 and the controversial movie critical of President George W. Bush is set to air three times the weekend before the election.

"They just got a one-mill levy passed. Taxpayers, like it or not, are paying for Michael Moore to spread his rhetoric at an official polling site two days before an election -- in a key state," Pengov said.

Librarian Debby Kressa said she is surprised by the complaints.

Kressa said the move came in and she just wanted to accommodate all the people on a waiting list to sign the movie out, so she thought it would be a good idea to show the film in the library's movie room.

The library posted an announcement that "Farenhype 9/11" will be aired as well. Officials are hoping that this will provide political balance for airing "Fahrenheit 9/11."

Pengov said because the library is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization he will go to court next week to try to stop the library from showing the movie at a polling site.


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