Vultures Row: How low can you go?

How low can you go?


I still can’t believe that Kerry would bring up the sexuality of a private citizen to try and seem sympathetic in a debate. I can’t believe that Edwards’ wife would then criticize a mother for protecting her child. A few days ago I posted on how I thought Kedwards couldn’t sink any lower, but here we are. At some point we will reach magma. However today Kerry is again stumping on the "elect me or you will be drafted ticket". He is once again campaigning on fear, pointing out how bad what we have is, with out telling us what he would do to correct the problem. Problem? Did I say there was a problem? Yes Vulture 6, there is a problem. BUSH WANTS TO REINSTATE THE DRAFT! How do I know this? Roi Kerry, I, has proclaimed it to be so. It doesn’t matter that President Bush flatly and unmistakably stated in the last debate that there would be no draft on his watch. He lies remember? We know the draft rumor is true because MTV/Rock the Vote! tells us so even though the bill introduced by a democrat (who voted against his OWN bill (Hat tip to Darth Apathy) and even rock the vote has a link to pages explaining it’s an e-mail hoax.
I think it’s time for us to understand one thing about the left. They only care about power for themselves. Not that all want to be in charge, but I feel that they think they know better than anyone on the right or the useless feeders how to live. They do not care about the responsibility of the office just about occupying the office itself. They do not care what they do to get there, just that they arrive.


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