Vultures Row: Censorship? I just started!

Censorship? I just started!

This is a post commenting on a post over at ValkingBlog. Thanks for the heads up on this on Robert.

As a baby blogger I might not have much room to say a lot on the subject of bloggers rights, but I do see the blogasphere as a threat to the established media empires. I’m all for free trade and competition. Most blogs are bland and not worth reading, but there out there and at least they get people to think. I agree that some stupid things are said on some blogs, but the fact is that the market (our reader) will police our actions. If we write lame postings, we will not have readers, if we post our thoughts in a well written manner we will attract readers. I shudder at the thought of a government run blogasphere, it will be about sex, cartoons, reality shows and sports. We all must stand up and be heard both here and at the polls. As Kerry’s Campaign aid recently claimed, We better hope they don’t win.

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