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I'm an insider at Glenn Beck dot Com. I love listening to Glenn. I have been tuning in, almost daily since he first came on the air here in Houston just after the September 11, 2001.

Glenn was on the air in a local market in Florida that day. He did do his show and took calls from the citizens of that fine state. As an insider at his website you can stream that broadcast. You can hear his voice cracking; you can hear him crying that afternoon. They have left all of the news casts in the program so when you listen to it; you get a real sense of how it felt that horrible day.

It is gut-wrenching but I'm forcing myself to hear it all. Too many people have forgotten what it was like that day. I'm not saying we have forgotten, but I am saying that we have moved on as a nation. We are now concerned who will be fired next, who will get voted off of the island, what Raymond will do to upset Deborah this week.

Our pain, we all felt it, was real that day. We were angry, we were hurt, and we were shocked. We resolved we would never forget. We resolved that we would not let the guilty get away with it. We vowed to fight the terrorists.

Hearing this broadcast, is painful, but it is needed. To hear callers phoning in to talk to Glenn about the three hour line to donate blood for the victims, the Ministers calling in to offer prayer services, the men calling in to ask others to display flags, to hear the pain as a man cries as he asks Glenn to replay the National Anthem. To hear fear in the voices that are asking if it will ever be ok to see airplanes flying again. It brings back the pain and anger I felt that day. I wished harder that day for something than I ever had in my life. I wished I still wore the uniform of my country.

Our nation has a short attention span. It has been growing shorter and shorter as the years gone by. I do not think we would be able to win a world war again, not one that would take five or six years to conclude it. I doubt the youth of today would be as willing to fight and be drafted. I know some would and it heartens me to see the character in each and every one on uniform. I thank each solider, sailor, marine, airman, coastie, policeman, fireman and EMT I see.

Could America win an all out total war? With our short attention span, with our inability to stay focused on target I have doubts we could win it before we would suffer mightily. I do think we would win eventually. I do think it would be the biggest mistake this nation has ever made if we waiver from the course now. I do think we have to face up to this reality that we are in a real war. It doesn't seem like it is because it is not like world war two. We are fighting for our lives here, and because we have the luxury to have a professional military we don't see or feel the urgency of this fight. We have the luxury to sit back and debate the way to conduct it.

I ask you, is George W. Bush or John F. Kerry better able to lead us in this very real war?

I fear for my Nation, not from all enemies foreign, but from the enemies domestic.

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