Vultures Row: Is This Arrogance or What

Is This Arrogance or What


Today President Elect John Fitzge Forbes Kerry announced he has tapped Senator Joseph Biden to be Secretary of State. Mr. Biden has most been famous for his comments calling former President George W. Bush brain dead. Oh wait…Bush has not conceded the election yet, what? The election has not even been held yet? How can a man be lining up his cabinet posts publicly when he has not been elected?

This is the height of arrogance. I would love to be able to liken it to something else but I can’t find a good analogy.

SecState: Joseph Biden
Special Middle East Peace Coordinator: Rand Beers (resigned Bush NSC advisor) Or Westly Clark (shamed former NATO commander)
Foreign Policy Advisor: James Rubin (Husband of CNN correspondent Christiane Amanpour and Clinton State Department Spokesman)
Foreign Policy Advisor: Susan Rice (Clinton Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs)
SecDef: John McCain (Representative AZ or Chuck Hagel (Representative NE)
CIA Director: Bob Graham (Representative Florida)

This “dream team” is very top heavy with career politicos from the Senate. Kerry would pay back his lackeys with appointments to key positions, not necessarily finding the best people to do the specific job. So we get a mixed bag of ex-Clinton stooges and people who have spent more time in the senate than who have run a company or produced any sort of goods or services.

Yeah, makes me want to vote for him all the more.

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