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The pentagon released a photo of trucks cleaning out the weapons dump weeks before the war. It appears that Russian Special Forces helped in the removal/dispersal of the weapons and that the actual amount of weapons is in doubt. It is also being asked if this is the same weapons stock that then IAEA was asked to destroy in 1997.

Photo of trucks removing the "missing" explosives weeks before the war started. Posted by Hello

Now a US Army major is claiming that the US cleaned out 250 tons of weapons from the location in question an that no IAEA seal were to be found.

I find it ironic that Senator Kerry is now claiming that these weapons that can be used in making WMD are missing and it’s the President’s fault, but yet, we went into this war under false pretenses because Iraq had no WMD program.

This is not even a scandal. To quote Comic Book Guy “Worst October surprise ever”.

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