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Undecided Voters


I have a question for the undecided voters out there. Are you kidding?

How can any person be undecided with less than a week away from the election? This is a serious question. As much media as there is in this country it is nearly impossible NOT to have an opinion about who will make a better leader for the country. As mush as I can not fathom how any logical person would vote for Kerry, AT LEAST THEY MADE A CHOICE! An opinion, a tingle that one is better than the other, something! With the TV, Cable, Radio, News Papers, the Internet how can someone remain so uninformed as to have no ability to make a decision in the most important election in our lives?

Ignorance is what is comes to. Undecided voters are ignorant voters. I’m not calling them stupid; I am just saying that for some one to remain without the facts to enable them to logically examine both candidates (ok, all candidates for the Nader nerds out there) makes them ignorant.

It really frustrates me that someone declares themselves undecided. I believe this is a trend that started when the MSM started focusing on them and made it somehow cool to be undecided, they became the in-crowd. That is fine and dandy up to a point. A week before the election, what are they expecting to see that will change their minds?

By declaring “I’m undecided” at this late stage is to declare yourself ignorant.

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