Vultures Row: Is Iraq the Next Viet Nam?

Is Iraq the Next Viet Nam?

From the pulp fiction daily The New York Times:
Via WSJ Best of the Web

“Another option calls for redeploying American troops from "vulnerable positions" in Baghdad and other cities to safer areas in Iraq or Kuwait, where they would act as a "quick reaction force." That idea is similar to a plan suggested by Representative John P. Murtha, a Pennsylvania Democrat, a plan that the White House has soundly rebuffed.”

I seem to recall some other war where the Democrats in charge wanted to use a strategy of billeting troops in safe secure rear areas and only commit them to fighting when patrols stumbled across them. The troops would win the battle by pouring in overwhelming numbers of soldiers and air support. Once the battle was over the troops would pack up and go back to their base. The enemy would come back after they left and terrorize the local population. I don’t think this was a winning strategy.

It seems the Liberals and Democrats really do want Iraq to be just like Viet Nam.


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