Vultures Row: X-Mas or Christmas?

X-Mas or Christmas?

X-Mas or Christmas?

There seems to be the annual debate over X-mas or Christmas (Chris-Miss). Many people protest the use of X-mass when referring to the religious holiday. They claim it is anti-spiritual and degrades the meaning of the celebration. They claim it is just another example of secularism taking over the real spirit of the season.

They are just flat wrong. In the theological studies Christ is abbreviated with an X. The reason for this is that X is the Greek letter Chi, which is was a common abbreviation for Kristos, or Christ.

When you see X-mass it should not be viewed as X-MASS it should be read CHRIST-Mass a more direct and poignant view of the day than if you see “Chris-miss”. People who get offended at the notion of X-mas are simply unaware of the true meaning of it. Ironically commercial interests who use X-mas to avoid a religious bias are actually making a point of putting CHRIST back into Christmas.


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